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Who We Are

Meet the Silver Lining Childhood Group


Silver Lining Childhood Group focus's on supporting and nurturing boys 12 years and under who have ASD or other developmental disabilities. Our goal - to expand on the  abilities they already have and to enjoy their best life!

We believe in a holistic and integrated approach in areas of learning, behavioural development, daily living skills, socialisation, language development and communication. We can provide support in your home, pre-school, school, outside environment and the wider community.

Silvers Lining Childhood aims to create life-long behavioural changes that will enable boys to be part of their wider community and participate in youth disability support programmes as they move through childhood into adolescence.

Who We Are 

What We Know

Above everything we understand boys!

We know that fundamentally boys are curious about their environment and are natural explorers. For this reason, our work will often take place outdoors in the beautiful natural settings the Gold Coast has to offer.

Outside our boys have the opportunity to learn, discover, grow and develop a sense of being part of a wider community where there are behavioural expectations.


How We Meet the Challenges of Boys 

We take time to build rapport and a trusting relationship with both the child and family. We recognise every child is different, requiring individual and tailored support.

Staff will work as a team alongside your son and family to create plans and provide activities that have structure, boundaries and expectations. we teach boys about consequences for negative behaviour with care, compassion and empathy for individual challenges.

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